MacDev.ca is proud to offer Panamatic. A very practical camera accessory that helps
you take 360º panoramic photos to create something new and unique with your pictures.
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Panamatic is a unique device that helps you take perfect
panoramic pictures every time. Including a 360º indexer and level.

View a Quicktime 360º stitched
photo taken with the Panamatic

Pano RetailBox
  • Helps create amazing seamless panoramic pictures
  • Fits all standard tripod and camera mounts
  • Mount the Panamatic on any tripod and then attach the camera onto the Indexing Wheel.
  • Level the Tripod by setting with the Easy-to-use bubble level to centre.
  • 360º index wheel to take up to twelve pictures by advanceing the Indexing Wheel one click at a time around its axis and taking one picture after each click.
  • Download the pictures to your computer and begin the stitching process using any software.

Only $27.50 US$

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Panoramas Stitching Software:
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